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Learn how to promote the blog: 15 ideas will help you increase the traffic on your page .  


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Do you see that you're free to prepare content creation, but you don't see your efforts turning into results? You are watching always the main novelties and developments to the topics important to readers, but the movement of the retina on your page indicates that no one reads What You write?

Believe me, the two examples we talked about above are more common than you can imagine, especially for people who start writing online.But before you wonder if you have to leave and neglect your blog or not, read this text, we will talk about 15 the idea useful to talk about the style and way of promoting the city blog, (most of these ideas may work for us to try it here in the blog, it's Marty!!no.Tips will teach you how to promote the blog.A market for connectivity that leads to your blog whenever possible.Think of the networks as a major and important business card that brings you virtual visits. Therefore, every online interaction is an additional opportunity to promote your blog.

There is a good way to increase the visible of your page, without much effort: by making adjustments to profile your to include a link to your blog!😎

There are some social networks like LinkedIn, and Facebook have dedicated fields exclusively for you to include your URL link that leads to the city.In case you are using email within your strategies promotional, there is another piece of advice for you, and enter the address of the city you have during the invitation to participate. That way, every time you connect with the base of your audience, you have a chance to earn more free access.In all cases, we recommend that you customize the link so you can track where people come from. through Google Analytics Google Analytics . Watch step by step how you set up URL tracks through our brochure that talks about it.

E-mail has been used to direct potential clients to the code ??
Whoever reads hotmart's blog is probably aware that we like to use e-mail. As well as being a tool used widely in the world as a whole, I don't think the e-mail on algorithms to your message to the person receiving, but it is enough to have information relating to contact with potential customer leads.

We can stay for hours talking about the merits of e-mail, but we'll go to the side that talks about using your tool to promote the blog.

When the user provides you information to communicate with him, whether through the form says to fill out or through a subscription in your blog, it distracts you to communicate with him, when you can do it send the contents of an important and useful can to help him reach a certain goal or solve a problem.

Those receiving parties that interacted with your message (information you can get by knowing the open rate of messages, and number of clicks to e-mail) should be directed to your blog, you can speak to to move these users to read the actual.

I bet you'd never expect it to be that easy to talk about.!

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