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Learn to create a blog in 2018: a comprehensive and useful guide for beginners  


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If you choose a subject you want to talk about, you can skip that point. In case you have questions, we have advice that could help you.

Talk about the subjects you like.
In order to become a writer of blogs don't need to be in possession of the degree and the university chooses the subject, it is enough to have experience in this area. Example: site talking about cooking is not considered mandatory to be prepared by the chef, but anyone can enjoy the skills in cooking and the kitchen that publishes his recipes in the city .

Talk about topics related to your product.
If your goal is to earn money by the city would be helpful to use the posts to educate your audience about the products you sell.

Talk about subjects that people care about.
Before you start writing a blog,it's important to know if people are interested in what you're going to write about. Perform a search on social networks and read comments on other blogs and use tools such as Google Trends Google Trends to learn the aspects that users are looking for in this period.

Pick a name.
If the good name is that name which once seen, people can link directly and immediately between that name and the subject you are talking about. This topic should be simple and easy to write so that users can use it and find your blog as well as advise friends.

There's another piece of advice that could help a lot, and it's ... :

Avoid using the name in generalities
Like : www.cars.com (cars) (example from our imagination) Apart from the high competition that related to this general theme is don't talk a lot and in detail about what looking for in the city (car repair for example? Brands ? Car sports?)

Ideally, you find a certain balance between a simple name and a clear name. www.oldcarslovers.com old car enthusiasts.

After choosing the look for sites like godaddy.com to register the domain (scope) of your own and see if that domain used before or not, the research process in this site is free and takes no more than a few minutes.Will suggest you add a preposition, example: learnaboutenglish.com or repeat the verb twice. learnlearnenglish.com or change subsequent like : learnenglish.live ... etc.

Buy Domen.
Some entrepreneurs already have their own time, in which case it is enough to add a blog page to it, for example: www.your bestmakeup.com/blog I'm sorry .

But if you're not, you need Domen to record you to ensure that it's not used by other people.Our suggestion to you in this case is to identify the dominoes.
You can distinguish the domain suffix com.ae. (If you are in UAE) or the com.eg. (If you are in Egypt) ... according to the state you are in, where it can be considered that formula easy more and is used spontaneously by the inhabitants of the town ،

And you can choose the later com. If you're thinking of expanding your blog on a global scale. In addition, there are several other options such as Postnet. Org. Or even art.The users who are learning the way to create a blog now and want to set up their blog, now they can add to the domain – scope – their own the name of the city in which they live.This new functionality can be considered useful if you have a blog dedicated very as a guide for restaurants in the city of Amman, for example.Daily registration stages Go to the Godady site.On the homepage choose the command to sign in.If you do not have an account on this platform, choose the option of creating My Account.

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