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A glossary of terms for everyone with a digital business online.  


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Marketing Automation
It means setting up some marketing procedures to be done automatically without manual implementation.

The entrepreneur can save time to take advantage of him in other ways.

An example of the automation business marketing: use of mail marketing, or email marketing email marketing, earn potential customers to your business leads, follow the course of the scales established, the conversion rate on the business conversion rate, provide rich information for free rich materials...etc.

HotLeads tool
It's a tool that's used on the hot-Mart digital platform, and through it you can integrate the hot-Mart Commission marketing program with e-mail marketing tools!

Course and course tools
We mean all the equipment, resources and effects that affect the visual aspect of the state or a digital book!

An example of these resources in a video: live effects, soundtrack music, scripts in the video, etc.

Below funnel Bottom sales
We say a potential customer is at the bottom of the sale when it's time to buy! Where decides at this moment to buy a session or course specific, convinced that that course will meet the needs and wishes!

Re-marketing - renewing marketing activity
It is a marketing technique that a digital business owner can use to reconnect with a client or prospective client who has previously met his trademark, or knows his brand or his products.

Applies the principle of re-marketing or remarketing of the fact that it is easier for a leading digital business or the owner of the chorus of that works to convince someone who was not agree in advance with his work and knows the course of his to buy him than if he was dealing with a new person probable doesn't even know what that person's content.

Pay-per-click announcement
It's a kind of funded ad that's put through digital channels. So that the advertiser does not pay any sum if the advertisement does not receive a click.

Once a browser or visitors click on the advertisement, the author of the advertisement must pay a certain and predetermined amount.

A funded performance-based announcement
They are funded publicity strategies aimed at gaining potential new clients, or achieving a sales shift.

Integrated ads
Native advertising is a way of saying it in English: "native advertising".

The goal is to make advertising appear frequently and sandwiching the space of potential client leads, which makes him someone clicks on this ad.

Example of native ads:

In the photo is an article from the site of the seventh day and the appearance of a consolidated ad.
Example of integrated ads

Source: Seventh Day site, Egypt

In the photo is an article from the site of the seventh day and the appearance of a combined ad-2.
Another example of integrated ads

Source: Seventh Day site, Egypt

Test a / B A / B Test
It is a test designed to compare two web pages, between two sales pages, two sales video models, and two Purchase button models placed at two different sales pages.

The aim of this test is to workout models even with respect to the owner of the digital work or the owner of the session or course on women or friends who achieved greater results, or was more useful wasn't planned (in other words: identify the version that comes with higher conversion).

Transfer form
It's a form containing fields filled out by visitors with a view to achieving the transformation or procedure required of them!

Can be a form to subscribe to the newsletter or form to buy Kors.

Return the money or recover the money.
It is a process that cancels the sale, where the customer pays with his credit card or direct discount. Occurs when the customer who bought the digital home wholesale responsible for his credit card and asks him to restore his money, when the work to return the money to his account!

Co-production or co-production
Happens when two people with the preparation of educational courses or digital book to sell online.

Upgrading digital business scalability
Say about the business it is to upgrade, when there is an opportunity for growth and the spread of this work, and profits without there be any need to increase costs to achieve it!

Features the preparation of educational courses and Corsi, books, digital -in any field - business digitally capable to raise, as you prepared it only once, and can sell it to anyone interested in the world, this is not to mention that the costs of preparing courses and materials, Digital very low or almost non-existent!

Upselling sales upgrade
Happens when you stimulate the client or the customer to increase the value by upgrading to another level.

If he buys a normal course from you and you encourage him to change that and get him to hire you for the highest-priced Premier bouquet, you're doing it to upgrade sales, increase sales!

If every time you intend to customer you purchased educational material or course, and of its purchase phase advanced or the choir or the package that enjoys the benefits of larger and more developed have carried out technical upgrading of eggs or egg darn upsell!

Cross - selling
It means providing other products in addition to the product ordered by the customer.

Example: if you sell a course of education or course to learn the art of peace, you can like sell manual digital little the person knows how to take care of the cleanliness of the vegetables sterilized and installed in the fridge!

Whoever learns to prepare the salad will necessarily need advice to help ensure the safety and hygiene of the vegetables and keep them in the fridge longer!

Down - selling or down-selling.
Technique sales technique, used when you feel that the customer will decline the purchase, or will buy within the current terms of the product. In this case, the region or State Educational the same, but at a lower price than the listed price, or provide no conditions Special, not blessed by anyone!

And so don't lose such a customer, and sell him. True you will win much less than if you sold it at the standard rate, but avoid to lose such a customer, which can come back to you many times in the future to buy from you later.

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