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Strategies take time, requiring high-quality content production and permanent work in search engine improvement techniques (Sio), Search Engine Optimization such as Google.But if you are eager to be the income of the access visits, whether through the city, or across your channel on YouTube, you can register in the tool Google AdSense Google AdSense to earn profits through advertising.

But that doesn't mean you have to give up content production! Advertising is only an additional way to generate profits through the blog, and one option is to do both at the same time.

So let's get to the point .

Recognize the concept of Google AdSense, how this tool works, how much we pay for it, what things you need to start now !

What is the Google addense tool ?
The tool is Google addens, which allows for the display of corporate ads via the blog, provided it is prepared through another Google tool, the AdWords.

Do you remember when you walk into a website and you see ads on the top or on the side of the page?

It is very likely that that site forms part of the Google AdSense tool .

What do you need to sign up for Google addons?
The tolerance in the tool Google AdSense is much easier than you can imagine, it is enough to have an account in Google+, blogs contain original content 100%, a phone number and a mailing address which can be your home address.

Who can Google "addens"?
Any person over 18 years old, who has a blog and fits the criteria we mentioned above, can register and use Google addens to generate profits through advertising.

Of course, there are some obstacles to the kind of content you share. Where do not accept blogs that promote violence, for example, racial discrimination or those that contain sexual content pornographic.

How do you score in the Google addens tool?
The recording process on the device is so simple that you can finish your recording as soon as you follow these detailed steps.:

Enter the registration page.

Select an e-mail account for which you wish to prepare a profile.

The code name, country of origin, was introduced and agreed on the conditions for the use of the platform. It is worth noting that to create a account in Google Adsense you must have a special scale, as it does not accept partners who have their domain hosted on secondary domains like tumblr blogspot and wordpress, if you don't yet have a special scale was established the scope of your own by clicking here.

Before accepting the programme, Google needs to know whether the content of your code is consistent with the company's rules. And then the ads start appearing on your page after this verification. From the moment the registration is accepted, you may place the advertisements on any page, provided that the page is in conformity with Google policies.

The final stage is to add the account number that Google wishes to deposit for you and that checks the clicks on the ads.

Upon completion of the registration process, Google sends an envelope to your mailing address with a subscription confirmation code. This process could take a maximum of two weeks.

How do you make money with Google addens?
In the meantime, you may wonder, but how do I make money by Google addens ?

Right now, there are two ways to generate revenue through ads on the blog.:

Cost by click: Cost Per Click : in this option you get paid every time someone clicks one of what the ad was before it in your page.

Cost of 1,000 impressions or appearances: you get money in line with the number of visitors on the blog. It's like an ad creates an impression every time someone walks into your page.

Interest to be a partner in AdSense is that the logarithmic used by them allow you to display ads based on user interests. You just need to choose the type of ad you want to display in your site, and where it appears in the ad, and the rest by the tool.

What the public will only see ads based on their interests, the odds of clicking the largest, this kind of thinking is what generates income for you.

How do you make a profit through Google addens?
Remember that in the registration process, ask Google, your banking information, and through this account to get your payments.

Some important information. :

Payment is made in dollars, by bank transfer, once a month, for customers who arrived to the balance of $ 100 or more to day 21 of every month.
The amount is converted into local currency.
Pay attention to the commissions that are charged by your bank for this type of pages, if you think its unfair, you can choose other platform offering the same service at a lower price.
How much can you win through Google addens?
Maybe this question is not going to knock always, and perhaps may not be the answer that will offer you a satisfactory lot, where the value differs depending on several factors, such as the number of visitors received by the city, the number of owners of advertising existing in the sector of your market, the type of content that you share on your site, etc.

To increase your earnings through Google Adsense you must use the right keywords to attract qualified visitors to your page, and of course provide high quality content even reacts to these users with you.

Watch out also to placed advertising in your page and tried to put them in places to be visible to readers, and not to adversely affect the visitor experience.

To discover the best place to display your ads, there is no substitute for experimentation: put the ad at the top of the page for a month, then the same test using ads on the side of the page or in the appendix, we compare the number of clicks obtained by each version, and then have the site better is a website that earned the highest number of clicks.

Types of advertising

Text ads.
Know text ads, also known as Sponsored Links, and advertising is the simplest that can display on your blog. It usually consists of the title, which is also a clickable link to the page the author of the Declaration, a line or two of text describing the product or service, along with a web address is displayed in green.

Photo ads.
Video ads are those banners that can be displayed at the top of the page, on both sides or even in the appendix. There are more than 15 Options page that you can choose for your ads, such as ads horizontal, vertical, landscape and square format.

Don't forget to activate the image ads in the advertising section or specify a preference for a certain model for the entire account.

Rich media
Rich media are interactive ads: HTML, gif animations and videos. Usually attract more attention and requesting action from the visitor, but in return, can affect the visitor's experience when it is used unfairly.

Link unit
Each link unit displays a list of important topics, relevant to the content of the site. When users click on an item of the list, they are directed to a Google page about it. And pay you every time someone clicks A on one of the ads on the page that appears.

How are your ads coming out?
As we've talked about, putting up your ads is one of the factors that has a great impact on your profits through Google addens, so we're going to answer some questions about the subject.

How many ads can you put on the page ?
Google understands that unfair advertising can hinder the visitor's navigation. So, you can only show three ads on a page.

Where can you put your ads?
The general rule is to place ads where they can be seen by visitors, so they do not break the terms of Google AdSense.

How do you put your ads?
Can for Google AdSense to choose not only the type of propaganda that they want to display, but the dimensions of the advertising also, the image and text color. By completing this process, the platform generates a JavaScript code to put it where it wants to be posted on the site. This privilege allows you to only add content that is consistent with your typical client's personal preferences.

Did it seem complicated ? This guidebook can be read in Google .

What are the criteria for selecting ads to be posted on your website?
There are several factors that are taken into consideration by the ad, but don't worry, because Google tries to display ads that relate to the content only which is important for your audience.

If you wish to block display ad, simply click on the option to allow the Prohibition of ads in your account Google AdSense

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