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Identification of products and services that can be traded on the internet
A lot of people think that to make money on the internet have to say one thing only: to have your audience on your website or on social networks. But that's not really enough. May be you have a wonderful blog, and billions of visits per month, but that doesn't help much if you don't have anything to keep him.

So, the first thing you should think about when you decide to sell online online is: “what will buy customers do I have?". We know that sounds pretty obvious. But it is common to find people complaining about not selling anything on the internet because they want to make money through ads on their website. Even though this is an option but it is not the option most recommended, but there are a few cases in which people reach the success only by doing this.

But, what can be sold online? We've made the best choices for you.:

Consultation is an excellent option for those who know a particular area well and specialize in it. We'll give you an example.:

Imagine you're a personal finance and investment specialist. Likely to have studied about it or have gained knowledge by working in a company in this area, for example. What's important is that more knowledge about the economy and property management, and the best strategies in the area of personal investment for high profitability.

Now imagine you've set up a blog and a YouTube channel with little advice and lessons on the subject. Over the course of time, through the use of strategies to publish content, link to gain a large audience constantly read your posts and your articles, leave the comments to you, as well as to participate effectively through the social networks you have.

These persons are interested in the content they provide and may require ad hoc attention or assistance and consultation. What you can sell online is a consult for people who need your help to improve their personal finances. To attract your clients, you can use a form on your website, which is enough. This consultation can be conducted through the meeting in person or through the use of a videoconference, for example, Skype.

The consultant conducts an analysis of the customer's situation and helps to bring it to its objectives, through planning and implementation of strategic actions. Can provide consultancy in many market sectors, in the field of fashion, management, marketing, and more.

Another option for online sales is services. Suppose you have a lot of knowledge in English, as in the previous case, providing content to people who need to learn the language.

If your audience trusts your knowledge and learning ability, maybe they'll want to study with you, right? And this is exactly what you can sell: private lessons, on a spatial basis with a student or using a video application like Skype.

Can do the same in areas and sectors is different: if you have content online in the field of software development, you can sell this service (how you set up the application on a mobile device, for example). Or if you're an architect, you can also submit projects online. There are thousands of possibilities and the profits could be huge!

Monetary authority to sell services (and also sensing) is that you can only reply and a limited number of customers: you are only one person and you have to allocate a lot of time for each person, i.e., in these cases not be in front of you the opportunity to take your retail business and to contribute in its growth.

Physical products
Physical products can also be sold online and are very common. There are a lot of people who complain about the default, because it is enjoyed more easily than to go to shop material to me.

This option is very good for those who have replaced the material, and wish to carry their business to points beyond, for those who want to start selling products without to be in front of them any expenses for the shop (rent, expenses, electricity, water...etc.).

To have your business electronic e-commerce need to the web, put through its pictures, description as well as product prices. In addition, it is necessary to have a platform for the team's Work recognizes the full technical section that requires a website. But there are also some platforms that provide the entire infrastructure of a virtual shop on the internet, like Shopify, etc.

Another important element is that you have to work on running your business, as well as logistical matters relating to dispatch. A useful tip for you is to use the style drop shipper include the transfer of goods to another manufacturer or to replace the distribution instead of being sent directly to the customer. In this case, you do not need to the accumulation of the product in the warehouse: when the client request a purchase, you guide him to the wholesaler, which, in turn, sends no goods purchase directly.

Digital products
It is up to the products digital online and digital, and can be consumed by computer or any other mobile device, such as are e-readers, tablets ipads, and laptops as well as smartphones.

The public is constantly growing to consume digital products for a number of reasons. here's some of them.:

People don't need to get out of their homes to make the buy.؛
If the product is a book, like it's not necessary to wait for his arrival, but enough that you download the download the educational material in a few minutes or seconds؛
If the product is a Educational Course online such as, it's not necessary to face congestion everyday and go to the place where the lessons, but a student can make money education on his taste in temperament, in space and time who decides؛
Prices are attractive.
For those who decide to sell this type of content online, there are many advantages and benefits: such as to start through the initiative of very little money to invest or even without any direct investment.To have a viable business model, as well as the ability to work anywhere you wish and so forth.

In order to become a digital producer, it is necessary to develop many of your actions and activities. In the case of Professor online online such as necessary to determine the market sector you wish to work in, the planning of the state education developed, the preparation of scenarios, the registration of the educational videos as well as promotional content across the internet.

Our advice is to have the platform tell you to manage payments, send it automatically to the buyer and gave him two choices: either to tell the customer to install the product or to have access to the membership area.

Online courses
The state of educational material full of informative value, which deals with the theme of diverse and numerous, ranging from educational materials to traditional courses talking about the science of cooking such as. It is clear from the name, is the consumption of this kind of courses exclusively online, and the most common of these courses are educational videos.

Is different from what think a lot of people, it is not necessary to be a trained specialist to operate in the field of educational sessions online, as long as you have deep knowledge in a particular field and want to share it with other people you can set up educational courses.

Of course this only applies to courses free, courses that are not related to learning facilities, in these cases, the school or college or educational institution responsible for the preparation and distribution of content.

The fact that this market is Democratic does not mean that you should not be careful about preparing your materials. As is the case in any content are registered and put on the internet, it is essential to put steps and planning in cause and course development, to ensure that those materials meet the needs of your audience.

You can discover all the details of the preparation of educational courses online during the mass, which talks about it, but basically you have to follow a common ideal for your product (know that the work pattern appropriate for your business persona), and about the subject matter that the audience, choosing keywords appropriate keywords to attract buyers, in addition to the preparation of educational materials that enjoy sex, both in relation to the subject you are talking about, or in terms of quality of Picture, Sound and other technical details.

Although this work requires considerable effort, however, the preparation of course teaching online your own can bring you the results of excellent financial and sales on the internet . Experiences in the Arab countries, in Egypt for example talking about it.

Digital books e-books
E-book or digital book is a book not a digital format, which can be read by any electronic instrument like a computer, smartphone, e-reader e-reader like Kendall. Kindel or tablet. There is also an option to be printed for normal consumption.

It is a product in common use among the pioneers of the business online, where the simplest and the cheapest price to be produced, especially that you can prepare this material without To Be You have knowledge in the field of design, using the existing software on your computer.

For the audience, this formula is very useful and fun where it can be consumed through a simple package of data, differently from the videos and other images, which require the presence of the internet in high quality. Learn all that matters about how to make your own e-book.

Other people's products
A good idea for those who want to sell online without worrying about product preparation and management is to participate in a commission shopper program. Commission shoppers promote other people's products in exchange for commissions. We'll set an example.:

Imagine having a blog about healthy life and physical exercise. Most people are interested in losing weight, eating healthy, and exercising that helps them burn calories.

Now imagine you discovered a program fitness online, in the form of educational videos can the student follow at home, doing aerobics in the home. Surely your audience would love that kind of material, wouldn't they? So what you can do is guide to your page through a specific link.

Every time someone makes a certain purchase, they get to the product by the link that you posted.