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YT MD-380 + MD-291 programming for Amateurs  


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In this video I'm going to be showing you how to program up the TYT MD-380 on amateur system,The very first thing you'll need to do to get this radio working,on the DMR MARC network is put your radio ID in here.,If you don't have one already then go over to the DMR MARC network and request one,and they will issue one to you.,We don't really need to change anything else in here,but you can have a look at those settings and change them if you want to.,I'm just covering the very basics.,Now the next important part is channels information.,So this is where all of your channels are going to be listed,and that's channel one that just comes already programmed in the software.,Let's add another channel.,So you right click on channels information go to add,and let's say we are going to use these channels for GB7NS,which is a DMR MARC repeater in London.

I've opened up the website here for it

Gives you all the information here that you need,to program up the radio,so the transmit frequency and the receive frequency,this is showing the transmit frequency of the repeater,so if the repeater transmits on that frequency then the radio is going to receive on that frequency,so 439.1625 we put in here,439.1625,and then the receive frequency 430.1625,430.1625,and let's change the name to GB7NS slot 1,because we have to make a new channel for each slot we want to use.,Now there are two methods of programming up amateur repeaters,one method is to use the contact name,that's the talk group that you're going to be talking on,and make a new channel for each talk group on the repeater.,You can do it that way but it takes a long time to program it that way,and it also means that you only hear activity that is on that talk group when you're selected on that channel,I prefer to do it a different way which is where you put all of the talk groups in a group list,and then you assign the group list to the channel,and then you will hear everything that's on that slot,so, see here it is on repeater slot 1,if we put all the groups that are in use on that repeater in a group list,and assign it to this channel,then we'll hear anything on this slot,so what I'm going to do is I'm going to make a group list,here, this is where you get the group lists.,let's call this group list amateur,okay and we want to add some groups to it,so what groups are in use on this repeater,let's see,Talk group 9, 235, 8.,let's program those ones up first,so we go into digital contacts,talk group 9,and 9 is local,235 and 8,so 235 is UK wide,and 8 is roaming,

What else is there?

2 for Europe 3 for North America and,I don't see it here but I know that talk group 1 is worldwide,so let's call that one worldwide,okay, so let's add 2 for Europe and 3 for North America.,Let's say "NA" for north America.,and the call receive tone is,if you turn it on then the radio will beep when a call starts,I generally would leave that off but if you want the radio to beep at you when the call starts then you can turn that on,so now that we've made these group calls,we can go into the group list again,which, if you closed it, then it's here,and add those to the group list,which means if we assign this group list called amateur to any channel,then it will receive anything that happens on any of these groups now,as long as it is on that slot that the channel is programmed to,okay so we've got repeater slot 1,and we're going to put in that group list, amateur,and the contact name can be any of the contacts that are assigned for use on that slot,so we're on repeater slot one,let's have a look what talk groups you're allowed to use on repeater slot 1,okay, it says...,oh, it does say talk group one is worldwide,okay slot 1 is used for international,you can use talk group 1,2,3,let's say we want to use talk group 1 on that slot by default,so if we select worldwide, that's talk group 1,,then if you go on to this channel and just transmit then it'll talk on worldwide,you can still go to the contact list though and select any of the other groups that you have programmed in and talk on them,so it doesn't limit you to talking on only one group on that timeslot,you can still talk on any group and you'll also receive all of the groups that are in use on that timeslot,okay so now we want to copy this information and put it in another channel,Actually first there's one thing I forgot which is very important,which is the color code,so we need to check what the color code is.,the color code is 3 so we need to make sure we put that color code in otherwise it won't work,okay so now we want to the program in slot 2,let's copy this channel,and to copy a channel you have to paste it on top of another one,usually you would paste it on top of an empty one,okay so we've copied all the information from there now,it has got the frequency and everything except the name,we're going to have to put a name in there,so "GB7NS slot 2" I'm going to call it,and I'm going to change the repeater slot to 2,the color code stays the same on any repeater,the group list I'm going to leave on amateur,because.

I want to receive all of the groups

That are in use on this slot,and the contact name,now let's see what groups are allowed on slot 2,Okay so talk group should be set to 9 for local repeater communications using slot 2.,so let's set that to 9, local.,and that is everything programmed for this channel now,you can also select a scan list though if you want to,so if we put that scan list on then from this channel,if you turn scan on while you're on this channel then it will scan "scan list 1",although we haven't put anything in scan list 1 yet.,it has automatically had that channel in,which was the default channel that was already here,this other channel that we've made is not in,we might want to add it and then you can scan GB7NS slot 1 and slot 2 at the same time,which means that you should hear any traffic that comes up on the repeater,except for groups that you might not have programmed in,okay so the next thing we need to do is we need to go to zone information,and we need to add both of these channels to a zone.,The default zone in the radio is just called "Zone1",you can change that name to something more meaningful if you want to.,We're going to go and add a simplex channel now,so let's go back to channel information,click "add",here is our simplex channel,and I've got up this website here,which says that the calling channel is 438.6125.,So let's go back to here and put in 438.6125,in both the transmit and receive,and I'm going to call it "calling",actually no I'm going to call it "DMR calling",so that we know that that it's the DMR calling channel,and it tells us we want to use color code 1,and talk group 9,okay, so go down here and make sure color code is set to 1,the repeater slot for simplex communications,you don't need to worry about that,you can set it on either 1 or 2,and because it's simplex it doesn't have anything to synchronize the radios.