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The IT World remains in a state,of constant flux. Now, as an IT professional it is almost,like a survival tactic to keep yourself updated with the ever,evolving Technologies as
well as the market trends.Hence We bring to you The Top 10 Technologies for 2020.,Also kindly take up this time to subscribe to us,and don't forget to hit,that Bell icon to
never miss an update,from the Edureka YouTube,Channel.,So without Much Ado,,let's get started at number 10.We have cognitive cloud computing now cognitive cloud is,an extended ecosystem.,It is due to this,that we can deploy cognitive cloud computing applications,and solutions to the masses using cloud computing.,Not just that it is one
of the next big things,in the IT industry.

Also, it can converse in natural language,and helps in decision-making,by understanding the complexities of Big Data.,It is expected to generate Rate a revenue,of 13.8 billion US Dollars by the year 2020 alone,and hence big companies such as IBM Microsoft Google,and Cisco are already investing,in this next Generation technology to keep up,with the upcoming Market the next technology,to learn in the year 2020 is 5G technology.Now 5G represents the next generation,of cellular networks,and services now Switzerland
is the current world leader,in 5G.

Technology closely followed by South Korea,and the United States a bigger role out,as anticipated by the year 2020 with a global adoption,of this technology.,It is expected to give a minimum of 20 gbps downlink,and 10gbps Uplink,which would make it,40 times faster than the current 4G LTE technology opening doors,for newer Services
network operations,and customer experiences on the part,of Telecom operators companies.

Heavily in the development,and testing of 5G equipments are Samsung Wow way,until Direction Nokia Deloitte,and welcome moving on at number 8.,We have big data now,who doesn't know about Big Data already.,The word has been special Abbas for quite a few years,with all these businesses moving beyond the traditional ways,of data storage,and processing big data has made its way to the big games now,with all these new technologies such as.Data analytics automation augmented analytics,and data as a service,big data is in here to change the game across Industries.,What is the best part about it?

You can learn about at all at at Edureka with the help,of the industry's finest experts and in-house real-time projects.Now while we're on the subject,,let's talk a little bit about
a subset called Dark data now,when I say dark data,,I mean all this data,that is generated along with big data,,but is untapped now the potential Is unlimited,and by the year 2020 about 93%,of all data is going to be categorized,under this subset now coming back to Big Data companies,which are investing in big data include,Netflix Amazon Starbucks
Spotify and Adobe.,Number 7 we have DARQ.This is a future technology pattern consisting,of other big Technologies.It is considered to be a catalyst for change,in the post Digital World.,Now as you might have noticed DARQ is an acronym.

So D stands for distributed Ledger,which first gained its momentum,in the industry with the introduction of blockchain,and Bitcoin.A stands for artificial intelligence,,which is bringing
about tremendous change,in various domains.Ras an extended reality,including a To reality,and virtual reality and Q as in Quantum Computing,which basically means you're trying to create,it Technology based off of the principles,of quantum theory recently.Google has made a major Breakthrough,by attaining Quantum Supremacy,with 53 qubits of quantum processors.,It has successfully carried out a random circuit program,a million times in 200 seconds,,which otherwise would have taken ten thousand plus years by,traditional Computing at this.,Moment 9 out of 10 businesses,are experimenting with one or more Darkness acknowledge.

He's while each individual technology is,at a different level at the adoption curve.,One thing is for sure.The first wave of dark Technologies is coming soon.,So congratulations to us
all the DARQ Ages here.,At number 6.,We have 3D printing technology now revolutionising,the future 3D printing is one of those Technologies.,You should definitely look
forward to in the upcoming years,in the future.Now, it is said to completely change the face of domain,such as Healthcare manufacturing,and construction now with a market size,of 10 billion.It is expected to grow at a rate,of 23.5 percent every year for the next five years,and big Brands such as Bugatti.,W Adidas Audi,and Porsche are already,on their way to remodel a future using 3D,printing next on the list of top 10 trending Technologies.