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How To Youtube make money 2020  


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YouTube is now very easy to make money with YouTube video uploading feature started in 2012 from the day it came to make money for a lot of people until 2020 was the source of income now in this article I want to give you a brief information about youtube video uploader really want to make money if you want to have a fast internet will haveWith a small vds, you can start with the original videos you need to shoot or you can not make money.

To make money, you need 4000 hours of impressions and 1,000 subscribers.After completing the requirements, click on the youtube channel tab and click apply to earn money.
You can use youtube and various video editing programs to make money.Youtube uses intelligent artificial intelligence systems from you.Set your Youtube channel Ike profile picture take care of the cover image bird make sure the channel URL is unique.If you want to make a good income from Youtube it will be in your best interest to upload long-term videos.

Why long video upload short video do not add ads in the middle of the video to increase the gain of YouTube video viewing time will be effective in terms of seo that is, the better the reputation of your channel is elevated sevilarda sevilerde you will take your place.Please definitely respond to comments made on Youtube, your subscribers, your viewers, absolutely do not leave comments.Keeping your subscriber audience by broadcasting live is one of the most effective methods, for example, there are 1000 subscribers on your channel, 500 of these subscribers participate in the live broadcast by taking effect on your ranking it will help you to subscribe more and more.