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My easy step by step guide on how to start a YouTube channel and make money!  


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04/02/2020 2:22 pm  

Hey what's up guys!,Did I attract your attention with that awesome thumbnail?,Well, I'm glad I did because today, YOU guys are going to learn how to start your own successful,YouTube channel in super simple steps and I'll also show you how to make money off of,it.,So without further ado, let's start the show!,So just like me, you guys probably watch your favorite Youtubers and your mobile devices,or on your TV and have wondered how did they start making YouTube videos?,So I'm here to demystify the process behind
starting your own YouTube channel and I'll,keep it very simple!,We'll make that in 4 easy steps.

Now feel free to check the description downbelow.

Everything we're going to talk about in this video will be linked down there.,So step number 1 is to open your Google Account.,Now you basically go on the Google website,
and you sign in for an account if you don't,already have one.,That will give you access to your YouTube sign in and you'll be able to create your,channel that way.,So that leads us to step number

2.,Now you actually go on YouTube and you sign
in.,Now in the top right corner, you'll notice the My Channel option.,You click on that and you select the "Use business or other name" option as you want,to give your channel a brand and identity.,So step number.

3, you give your channel aname.

You basically type in a name that will be specific to your channel which will let your,audience know a bit what you're about and you simply click the create button.,From there, you're going to be taken to your channel's main page, where you can start putting,your own personal touch and making it your own.,For example, you're going to be able to add
your channel art.,So that's the banner on the top part of the website.,And you'll be able to edit your channel thumbnail maybe put a picture of yourselves or anything,that you guys might find cool.,Now the last step, and that's the fun part step number.

4, is to actually start uploading,videos.

To upload videos, you simply click the upload button on the top right corner of your page.,So here are some helpful tips that I can give you guys to help you in your creative process.,First of all you have to make sure that you build a brand identity.,I can't stress that enough!,It is very important.You probably noticed that your favorite Youtubers
are very good at what they do and they have,a specific niche in which they play in.,They might be product reviewers in the tech/gadget business, they might be pranksters, they might,be daily vloggers, they might be people who like cooking, they might like adventure or,sports.Basically, you have to find what YOU are good in and what kind of stuff you'd have to bring,to an audience.,There might be stuff that you're very passionate about, there might be things that you have,a very high knowledge or skill set about.,So those are the kinds of things you have.

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